Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fuelled by chocolate and caffeine...

I'm entering revisions on my TT ms, Trust in Love.

Truly, I'd forgotten just how much I really love this story. And my hero, Rainald. He was so much fun to write. There were times when reading the ms I was taken aback by some of the details I had in there. Does this every happen to you? Do you forget the little things you found and managed to insert into your ms?

And speaking of the little things, I'm getting caught up yet again in the whole language thing. I remember now why I found setting a story in the 18th century to be so liberating - the English language had evolved considerably since then. Now, I know part of me is getting a bit pedantic, obsessed as I am with not using too many memorable words if they weren't from the fifteenth century (the basic ones I don't worry about). It never ceases to amaze me what words we probably associate with the Middle Ages, like hussy, trollop, escort, providential, cohort and crony, weren't actually in use then! So I'm using, the OED online and Etymonline to make changes.

Our run of beautiful weather here continues - it really has been the Sunshine Coast here recently! As a result, our kitties are LOVING their temp home. See pics below:





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