Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some slight progress...

Well, I figured out at least a little bit of what was wrong - I hadn't included my villain in the first few chapters and he really does help drive the plot. Need to work him and his GMC into the story earlier.

In trying to figure things out, I listened to Bob Mayer's workshop from National yesterday, on plotting and outlining. He helped some, but I was unclear from the way he was talking if the antagonist is always the bad guy? Or in the case of a romance, the second love interest - if the hero is the protag, then is the heroine the antag? Grrr. Very confusing. He did, however, make a couple of really good points that did get me going a little with the plotting. Will be working on it a little later today, after I've done some bookkeeping stuff.

And I'm off on another hike late this afternoon. Last week we went out and were about 3/4 of the way to our destination when the brakes on my friend's truck decided not to work any more!! Fortunately we were at a point where we weren't in much danger, so she was able to manoevre it to a safe spot. We were even luckier when another hiker came along and agreed to drive us back along the road and deposit us somewhere we could easily walk home. Not that the three hour hike back would have been a huge deal as the weather was good, but still - talk about our guardian angels watching out for us! Today we're going somewhere closer to home - LOL.

Re: the llamas - just to clarify, they're not mine. They're my mother-in-law's - I was just helping out and feeding them :-) They're gorgeous creatures, though.

And speaking of lovely animals, more cat pics from the last week:


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