Friday, October 13, 2006

A sunny Friday...

Yes, it's beautiful here again today. And even the weekend forecast has improved, though actually, I'd love a day or two of rain.

Anyway, thanks for the advice re figuring out what Bob Mayer meant - yeah, sometimes gut instinct is best.

LOL, Melissa re the mouse. George used to deposit moles, though he left them intact. The most C&C can do is kill bugs, and they seem to eat them. Oh well.

While working on my plotting yesterday, I had a flash of brilliance. Part of my problem has been the plot my main characters from both WTHR and WTHB are involved in. I kept getting things mixed up and I think that was what was slowing me down. So I put together a flow chart! Yep, that's right, a good old-fashioned flow chart:

Cool, huh?

Now if I just had some software that I could use - didn't you have something, Nienke - Left Brain or something like that? I'll go through your blog and check!

I have other errands to run today, and maybe a visit to the gym. Though I did walk for over an hour yesterday. Here are a few pics - most I took didn't work cause it was too dark in the woods:


Currently Reading: The Sunshine Coast News by Kate Austin
Link of the Day: Houghton House/Ampthill - a place we visited 11 years ago this month

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