Saturday, December 23, 2006

An early morning post...

Yep, I'm up early. Can't sleep - always seems to happen this time of year. Plus I've slept well for the last week, which generally means I'll have at least one bad night. The cats are thrilled as it means a) attention and b) food.

We're almost finished with the Christmas prep here. Today I'm going to do the pastry shells for the mushroom tarts that accompany the borscht for Wigilia, as well as doctoring the rollmops with a little extra mustard and pickle. Yum. And if I'm feeling really energetic, I'll bake more ginger cookies, as most of those I baked the other day have been eaten (I took some to the radio station yesterday and some to a party last night).

Tomorrow we'll be in town briefly to visit family, then it's back here for Wigilia and Christmas itself.

Seasons Greetings to all - and for those who've been celebrating Chanukah, I hope you've had a lovely week :-)


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