Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quick Wednesday post...

Achieved more Christmas shopping yesterday, finished cards, now have only to put return address labels on and take them to the postbox. And finish a couple of stray ones.

I'm also hoping today to buy Sean's present. Had no luck with one idea yesterday and just as I thought I'd HAVE to go into Vancouver tomorrow, I had a flash of brilliance - will see how that pans out this afternoon.

More wind and rain here last night - nothing too damaging, though. Which is good, considering there are still people here on the Coast and surrounding islands without power from the last storm.

As for my knitting, I figured out double points last night!!! Yay! I'm very excited. Though that just means I've potentially created more work for myself *g*. But it's work I enjoy. Plus, I brought some yarn and needles down to the cabin last night and the kitties weren't too bad. Surprisingly, it was Chloe who was first at both the yarn and the needles!!! Then Cleo got in on the action *g*. Chloe was declawed before we adopted her, so she doesn't cause quite so much trouble - Cleo, OTOH, had to be told NO firmly several times. But she did eventually leave me and my knitting alone *g*.

Time to stick on return address labels! Have a great day, everyone :-)


Currently Reading: The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick
Currently Knitting: a hat for Sean
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