Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wild weather...

It was windy here yesterday. Gusts up to 90 km/hr. And rainy. We lost power at 9:30 am and finally had it back just before 7 pm. It went out JUST before I was about to print off the final copy of my Christmas card list. And before I had a chance to print labels. So I spent a couple of hours hand addressing envelopes. I'll be printing our return address labels very soon, as we've another wind warning in effect for later today. Can't say life here is boring *g*. Sean and his dad had to drive quite a while before finding a grocery store a) with power or b) accessible from the highway when they went out yesterday afternoon. We couldn't figure out what was taking so long, but the first store had no power and the second store couldn't be reached when a branch fell across the highway. But they made it back, safe and sound.

By battery powered light yesterday evening, I managed to finish another hat for Christmas. Teva the dog was interested, but only sniffed at the yarn - good doggie. Not like crazy cats *g*.

Needless to say, with all this excitement, I've managed little in the way of writing/proofreading. Am hoping to wrap Christmas up over the next couple of days, then concentrate on my work for a while. But getting packages/cards out has to come first :-)

And I'm still holding off on making the final switch to beta blogger till I have more time, but once I do, I'll leave a message here with the new address.


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