Monday, December 18, 2006

Pics from the last few days....

We had a busy, busy weekend - a party Friday night, shopping followed by dinner with friends on Saturday, more shopping on Sunday, then a walk across to our property where we marked out the area that needs to be cleared. In the evening I finished one scarf and put a fringe on it, then started another while watching The Royal and part of Jane Eyre. Turns out Chloe and Cleo are pretty good with my knitting - when I start each evening, they usually try to play a bit, but once I've said NO firmly a few times (ok, more than a few with Cleo), they settle down and pretty much ignore it. Cleo even slept on my lap last night while I worked!

Sean and me at his office Christmas party:

A tree blown down across our well - victim of one of the recent storms (no damage was done):

Sean marking a tree to be felled:

Me feeding the llamas a tree branch:

The kitties - just waking up from a nap together. Chloe wants her tummy rubbed:


Currently Reading: The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick
Currently Knitting: another scarf
Link of the Day: Tamara's description of her experience during the power outage off the coast of WA state late last week


Kathryn S said...

Love you with the llamas! And that's a lovely dress you wore to the party. Don't tell me, you got it for a steal? :-)

Kitties are too cute. Miss you guys! Stay safe with all that wild weather.

Tess said...

The llamas are just adorable - very curious creatures.

As for the dress, it was my mum's, so I guess at this point it (as well as me *g*) must be vintage!!

We're trying to stay safe - VERY windy now, which is why I'm backing up to my memory stick, then getting the hell off my computer and back to knitting!!

Hugs :-)