Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Proofing my ms...

I finally got back to it yesterday. And it's been long enough since I read it through, that even on the screen I'm able to pick up little things and do some tweaking. Much as I'd hoped for an independent full read-through, I fully understand how busy everyone is. And, in the end, my ms is my responsibility and part of that includes the final proofing.

One thing I have to focus on is NOT getting caught up in the story. I've often considered reading the chapters backwards as I've heard that can help you catch words because things aren't really making sense, but that's just too confusing. So I just make myself concentrate. But maybe I WILL try changing the font, to see if that helps me pick out those little typos and missing words. Though at this point, I'm really hoping there aren't too many.

I'm also making little changes in word choice - it's really interesting how other words now suggest themselves, though where they were when I was actually WRITING/EDITING the story I've no idea. You know that feeling, when there's a better word you want to use, it's just on the tip of your tongue (or, I suppose in this case, near the end of your fingertips) teasing you, but never revealing itself. At least it's working now, so I'm not complaining.

Other than that, we're closing in on being ready for Christmas - cards sent, gift packages sent, stocking stuffers bought and now there's pretty much just the organizing of Wigilia and Christmas Day dinner. Oh, and finishing my niece's scarf (coming along nicely), but as we're not seeing her till after the 26th, I'm pretty certain I can get it done with no problem.

So, that's it from my world right now. We've another storm coming today, so it's possible we'll lose power again. But let's hope not! Though at least we've had it since Friday, unlike many people on Vancouver Island and up in the Egmont area of the Coast.

Happy Wednesday, everyone :-)


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