Thursday, December 14, 2006

More wild weather coming...

Yep, we're about to be hit again :-) This is all very exciting, though I'm also a tad apprehensive - we may be without power again by tomorrow if the storm lives up to the predictions.

Congrats, Kelly, on getting that scarf done!

And, Melissa - I've known for years that one element of living here on the Coast will be power outages. It's just the way things go. My in-laws are always prepared and Sean knows the drill too, so once we're in our own place, we'll put together our own emergency kit and just deal when it happens.

I'm closing in on finishing my shopping and have to finish a scarf before another set of packages goes out. Anyway, must dash now - have to get to Nia then on with the rest of my day. If you don't hear from my here for a while, you'll know the power is out again.


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