Thursday, December 21, 2006

My first Thursday Thirteen...

I picked this up from Rene.

Thirteen Things I want for Christmas
1. An agent
2. An Alphasmart Neo
3. A gift certificate (in any amount) to ABE Books
4. An end to hunger and war in the world - yeah, I know this is corny and totally against what we've accepted is human nature and the way things are, but still, it's MY list and I can tell you, after watching the news this last year, I can't think of anything better to wish for
5. The latest Chantal Kreviazuk cd
6. A copy of Elizabeth Chadwick's The Scarlet Lion
7. A haircut I'm happy with - I keep trying to find someone who can give me what I want, but so far, no dice
8. A turn on TLC's What Not to Wear - yep, I'm ready for the abuse! I've already learned lots from Stacey and Clint, so think it would be great fun to be on the show
9. A big Christmas with our entire family - mine and Sean's. All the kids. Yeah, it would be loud and crazy, but kinda fun too.
10. Snowshoes
11. A house
12. A gift certificate to Sew Easy in Sechelt
13. See # 4 - THAT is what I really want for Christmas

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You know what's interesting? I really had to reach for most of those, as, other than the house and end to hunger/war, there really isn't much I actually want. Books, cds etc are all nice, but especially over the last few months, when we've pared down our life to the bare minimum, I've discovered as long as I have Sean, the cats, my computer, a roof over our head and food, I can do without pretty much everything else.

Ok, I'll stop being introspective and soppy now. As y'all can see, so far, we have power and as the winds have dropped, I'm hoping we're ok for the rest of the day. Which means I'm off to Nia soon - yay! Last class before Christmas.


Currently Reading: The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick (when I'm not madly knitting, which is most of the time right now)
About to Read: Mistletoe Kisses - Harlequin's Regency Christmas anthology
Link of the Day: Shakespeare's Den - a very cool place to buy writers gifts. Thanks to Melissa for the link!


Melissa Marsh said...

I like the soft blue of the template - very calming and wintry!

It's amazing how much we can do without, isn't it?

Mummy B said...

lovely list :) If only #4 were achievable...

Sarah said...

I LOVE What Not to Wear. I don't think I could handle being on it, though.

Caylynn said...

Great list! #4 would be wonderful if it could ever be achieved. I hope some of your Christmas wishes come true.

Happy Holidays!

Cindy said...

Great list...I LOVE "What Not to Wear"!

Have a wonderful Christmas. My TT is up too.

Zeus said...

I think I would just pretend not to have good taste so I could end up on What Not to Wear. A $5,000 VISA: There's nothing I won't do for you!

I hope you get everything you wish for and then some during the holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Happy Thursday to you! Mine is up as well.

InterstellarLass said...

I think I'd take a spin on WNTW too! My closet needs an overhaul!

InterstellarLass said...

Happy TT!

Rene said...

Welcome to TT.

I would say good job on the blog...but I suspect it will look very different next week LOL.

Katy Cooper said...

Oh, so many things to say! Count me among those who love WNTW--I've told my sister more than a few times that I sometimes wish I dressed badly enough to be nominated. (On a side note, my other sister manages the restaurant where they ambushed the twins from Boston.)

I also want to say an Alphasmart Neo is a great and wonderful gift--durable, easy to use, lightweight and portable. I utterly love mine.

And I'm totally with you on wishing for peace. Yes, human nature is what it is, but, geez, do we have to kill and maim and displace in the hundreds of thousands?