Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Going to beta-blogger...

I'm seriously considering it, especially as it seems like forever before they're going to let me merge my blogs. I already have a beta account. And I love some of the features over there, especially the Categories one. Anyone else, other than Janie, considered making the move as well? I just hate to think of the links that will need changing. Yikes!

Obviously I can keep this blog up, so the archives will always be available (for me - I can't imgaine too many other people wanting them). Hmmmmm.

I finished another Christmas gift last night, only to discover it's way better than the one I'd knitted for the other child, so I'm going to have to knit another. Funny thing is, the not-so-good item was knit with the needles from the pattern, whereas the other two were knit with needles a half size smaller. At least I can knit these up pretty quickly, so it won't take long. And I found a really cool stitch that will help me with my borders (they often end up a little raggedy, as I can't always get the tension in the cast-on row exactly right) - it's the twisted rib and when I played with it on a swatch last night, I found it really easy and more stable (if that makes sense). Now I just have to not get carried away with knitting and forget about writing *g* - yeah, like that will happen.

Anyway, I'll stop blathering now and write those reviews I've been putting off for the last few days.


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