Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Finger Lakes Trip - Friday

Well, we had a wonderful weekend. The weather couldn't have been better - sunny most of the time and only a brief rain shower early on Sunday morning. The ride down on Friday was fast - 7.5 hours from the time we left the house till the time we pulled into the campground, including two ferry rides and a stop for lunch.

Sean decided to take along a picket sign (one that was ripped an no longer being used) so he could support the cause even while on vacation. Below is a photo of him taken just before we pulled out of the driveway on Friday morning:

There were lots of people from our bike club already there, so while I chatted, Sean set up the tent (his choice to do it alone - he says it's easier that way) then headed into town for supplies - wine, beer and snacks. Then he unfurled the picket sign again:

Evening in the campground is always lovely. Located just outside Watkins Glen, NY (at the bottom of Seneca Lake), the Hidden Valley Campground is part of the Watkins Glen State Park - you can see why it's so popular for rallies and other group camping:

Now, motorcyclists are an inventive lot. Yep, they love tinker with their bikes and while camping with one might seem as though you'd have to forego certain things - like somewhere to keep your food/beer cool, it's just not true. You see, a topbox can also double as a cooler - here I am retrieving another Apricot Wheat Ale (brewed in nearby Ithaca) from our makeshift cooler:

We elected to stay in rather than going into town with the others for dinner. I couldn't face another moment with my behind on the bike seat *g*, so we trundled over to the hot dog vendor and had a rare tube steak dinner. Soon enough, the others returned and we joined them at the "campfire". Now open flame isn't allowed (because of the dry conditions and because of the obvious problem of fire near so many gas tanks), so Jill improvised by bringing along white LED Christmas lights (the kind that stay cool) and orange tissue paper. She powered the lights with a small battery, then covered them with the orange paper and voila - a campfire :-)

We all chatted till around 11, then headed to our tents and sleep. A fun, but exhausting day.

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