Monday, September 19, 2005

Quick post to catch up

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm still sick - if I'm not better by tomorrow, I'll have to give in and go on the antibiotics.

I finished off my reviews on Friday, finished my book club book last night and now have to get to work on my ms. I'm at the office this morning, so it will be this afternoon before I can get started. Have to make a detailed plan of attack. Am trying to convince myself I DO NOT need a new notebook for this! Did I mention I'm addicted to stationery? Yep, that's me, stationery/software slut. I LOVE notebooks especially and am always getting sucked in. But seriously, I can't put off intensive work on the ms any longer. I'm taking another quarter off reviewing, so that will help buy me extra time. Will report back here on my progress - you'll all have to help keep me honest!!

Chloe is doing much better (knocking on wood). The next couple of days will be very telling as she finished her meds last night. Let's hope the infection is dead. To keep from boring everyone with too many photos, I've started a separate Chloe and Cleo blog and will mention here, for those who are interested, when I update it :-)

Well, I still have accounting entries to make here, so I'd best quit blogging *g*.

See you tomorrow :-)


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