Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sean on LockedOut Live!

On Tuesday, Sean took his turn behind the mike on Sparks to read the news - live :-) Each day (weather permitting) for the last week the folks from our local CBC have put on an hour long show - half English, half French.

You can hear Sean about five minutes in. (The link will open the mp3 file in whichever media player your computer uses)

or watch the entire show!

He did the news 1930s style (using a transcript from the period for his format) and dressed the part too:

His hand is to his ear to imitate the 30s style.

Yes, he looks very serious in these two photos, but he really was enjoying himself!

I couldn't be there to see him live because of a prior appointment, but have watched the video several times.

Fellow Canucks - if you too miss your REAL CBC, and want to express your opinions, find out what you can do.


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