Thursday, September 01, 2005

Writing update

My cp sent me back some great suggestions, so I'm working many of them in right now. She was especially helpful with my synopsis, pointing out places where I can add more emotional punch. Synopses aren't my strength - though I'm way better at them now than I used to be *g* - so I'm really grateful for her input. I know, I know, I missed my deadline again, but it's stupid to get good advice and ignore it just because I had a deadline to get the work out yesterday. But I'm really thisclose to getting everything ready!

Last night I went to my local writers group meeting and read some more of my ms out loud. People there agree that I've really managed to tighten things up and increase the pacing - good to hear :-)

Weather and health permitting (I feel like I may be getting Sean's cold), we're considering camping this weekend. Yep, hopping on the motorcyle with our gear and heading out. So if I disappear again, that's why.


Currently Reading: Sushi for Beginners - Marian Keyes
Link of the Day: Salvation Army Hurricane Relief
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