Thursday, September 08, 2005

So why am I so tired? (see Mood at left)

Well, you see, we adopted two cats yesterday. Ok, one kitten and one cat. The kitten was pretty lively during the night *g*. They're both pretty cute. We'd gone to maybe get two kittens, but once I saw the older cat (just over a year), I couldln't resist, especially knowing that older cats often take longer to adopt out. A local pet store does Humane Society adoptions and it was easier to go there than to the main building - it would tear my heart out to try to choose there.

I will admit though, that much as I like these new little ones, it's still bittersweet. In some ways I now miss George more, but the same thing happened years ago when we first adopted Scotty - I missed my old cat (who'd been dead 3 years by that point) more at first. I think it's because you bond so closely with a pet, but it takes time - being with an animal who's sweet and cute is great, but until you form that bond, it's not quite the same. And that reminds you of just how close you were to the other pet. Well, at least that's how it seems to work for me. And, until our vet checks them over (mandatory after you adopt from the HS), I'm trying not to get too attached. Just in case...

Pictures will follow soon. Chloe, the older one, is still pretty shy and spends a lot of the time under the bed (though she did explore the kitchen/living room this morning) and Cleo seems to move too fast to get a good photo *g*.


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