Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thanks for the Rejection sympathy...

It's much appreciated. I'm almost over the disappointment - it's amazing what pizza, chocolate cake (topped with Hagen Daaz) and popcorn can do for the spirits *g*.

I spent another couple of hours yesterday afternoon inputting more changes and researching stoves in the 18th century. In kitchens they were using "stewing stoves" - large masonry contraptions, with holes on top under which you lit a fire. The photo I found in Girouard's Life in the French Country House shows one. You lit the fires from openings in the side, then set the pots on hole. In Life in the English Country House he says these kind of stoves were used in England as well, so I'm safe. Cécile would have known it as a potager, and I have her refer to it as such, then describe how she lights it. I'm still worried it's coming across as an info dump, though. The way I'd first written it I just mention she put the pot on the stove, because I knew what kind of stove I meant, but Sean questioned it - I guess he was picturing something more modern and it made me realize I had to be more clear.

As for getting back to FDin30D, I didn't quite make it yet. Will pull out some of those forms today, I swear. We were up super early as Sean's putting in extra picketing hours between now and Thursday so he can take Friday off. We're going out to dinner Thursday night to celebrate our anniversary and I imagine Friday we'll go see Serenity!!!

Re: Historical accuracy - I'll post on the responses to this over on My Research Blog


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