Friday, September 23, 2005

It's Friday morning...

and I'm still not feeling well. I did get my prescription filled yesterday, only to discover it's yet another antibiotic to which I'm allergic. I'd told the clinic that two years ago when my reaction occurred, but I guess it didn't get noted down in my file. So now I'm waiting for the doc to call back with another prescription for me. It's very annoying, cause earlier in the week I felt way better, but I guess my immune system just finally had enough.

However, I did manage to get some more work done yesterday. First off, I found my copy of my list of research questions - Hallelujah! What a relief. It was hiding in a plastic file holder, along with notes I'd taken the last time I went to the university library. So it's now safely tucked into the file folder labled Research Questions.

What else? I looked up the dates of some of the words I found in Sean's book A Sea of Words, companion to Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin books. A great resource. I also re-integrated the first three chapters into the main copy of my ms. While working on the partial, I'd created a separate WriteWayPro file. Made things a lot easier for previewing/printing etc. And I now have a list of a) Scenes to be written and b) Scenes to be rewritten.

Today I have to start inputting some of the suggestions Sean made. And work through some more FDin30D forms, if my headache will let up. Going to have to give in and take something very soon.

For those of you who share my obsession with research, I updated my Research Blog yesterday - had fallen way behind over there.

Now I'm going to find something to eat and the Advil Cold and Sinus. Then I'll get down to work.


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