Monday, September 26, 2005

On being domestic and defending historical romance

Morning everyone :-)

Sorry I didn't post all weekend. We had a lazy Saturday, enjoying the nice weather (and napping), then yesterday I went totally domestic. What do I mean by that? First, I baked a cake (the eggs were about to be past their "best before" date and I didn't want to waste them) - ok, so it was a chocolate cake and maybe I have PMS, but really - the eggs shouldn't go to waste .

Next up was pesto. My basil did REALLY well this summer - so well that I didn't even need to supplement with spinach. It took close to an hour to run it all through the food processor, but the result was 26 lovely cubes of yummy pesto. Nothing like a taste of summer in the middle of the winter.

Finally, I made a wok full of spaghetti sauce (yeah, I use my wok to cook a lot of things - it cleans up really well) - enough to feed us last night plus two more meals. Yummm. Granted I started with a store bought sauce, but added lots of stuff - including a dollop or two of fresh pesto. Needless to say, Sean was thrilled - spaghetti with meat sauce AND chocolate cake.

So, that was my day of domesticity. We relaxed afterwards and watche the premiere of West Wing, then Foyle's War (on Mystery). Sean taped Crossing Jordan for me to watch afterwards plus the premiere of L&O: CI (with Chris Noth *g*). He's not a huge L&O fan. I haven't watched it yet, was too tired by the time CJ ended (was really annoyed with Woody - arrggghhh).

Anyway, on to this morning, when I downloaded email and found a message from some history professor on one of my lists who made some VERY judgemental and sweeping generalizations about the historical romance genre. Me being me (and did I mention PMS?), I answered pretty quickly and with some, um, vigour. Ok, I was pretty ranty, but hey - some of the things this person (who doesn't sign their full name - just the Dr. ___) said really made me angry. Talk about using stereotypes from 20 years ago!

The worst thing was, at the core of the arguement was something I hold dear - the need for historical accuracy. But it was taken too far, as some kind of edict and making it sound like anyone who enjoys something even slightly inaccurate must be a moron. Oh, and did I mention that romance fiction is "soft porn"? Yep - I'm sure the writers of Traditional Regencies and sweet romances are quite surprised by this.
Of course, I probably should have taken my time and responded while calm. Might have done more harm than good. But sometimes I can't help myself . Does this ever happen to you?


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