Friday, November 25, 2005

And it's OFF!!!!

My GH entry is now in the hands of FedEx.

But before it got there....

a) my computer decided it didn't want to recognize my CD burner , so I had to copy to my memory key (always a good idea anyway) and haul my tired a** up to my dh's computer and burn the CD there, then...

b) I panicked because my computer word count says the ms is UNDER 95,000 words and I entered the LONG historical category, yet when formatted in proper ms format (Courier New 12, double spaced, 25 lpp), it's 104,000 - I was going to send the full in TNR13, like the partial, but worried then I'd be dq'd if someone in the RWA office didn't figure out what was up. Fortunately, it's fine to submit the partial for the judges in one font and the full in another.

c) I get to the office, put the submissions together (partial/synopsis) and find there are no padded envelopes big enough to hold them. So it's off to the mall, only to discover the dollar store doesn't have any padded envelopes the size I need and the drugstore only has them in packages of 10. So we now have 9 big padded envelopes.

Fortunately we had our regular FedEx guy turn up who didn't give me any grief about needing a commercial invoice.

I'm pretty certain, though, my experience today was nowhere near as bad as Kelly's.

So now I'm sipping on champers and getting ready to go out to dinner in a while. Sean worked the early shift this morning (which meant being up at 2:45am), then spent the afternoon at the office, so he's having a quick cat nap first.

Hope everyone had a happy day :-) We have a busy weekend - it'll seem strange not spending hours at the computer , but I'm sure my poor wrists are quite relieved.


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