Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Quick report

First - many thanks for the encouragement and support :-) Y'all are sooooooo wonderful!!! Friends like you are worth so much :-)

Ok - last night I managed to get two hours in and got through two chapters. And yep, I was in Sean's office, with the tv on in the background. It made a big difference to my productivity, sitting upstairs where it's warm and cozy. And that's on top of the work I got done in the afternoon. I just have to keep moving. Today I'm going to tackle several more chapters - it's snowy here, so it's not like I'm going anywhere (except maybe the gym later in the afternoon).

I also voted in American Title yesterday :-) Like Annette, I'm hoping this contest will reignite interest in the historical genre :-) Best of luck to all the contestants - especially my fellow Canadian, Michele Ann Young.

And speaking of reigniting interest in the historical, did y'all know that Adrian Paul is making a new Highlander movie? Yep, he most certainly is. AT contestant, Ruth Kauffman (she who will actually be IN the film) blogged about it recently. Yay! Yeah, I know, I didn't get around to seeing Endgame, but it's on my list of DVDs to rent. But the synopsis of this movie sounds way cool - Duncan and Methos go searching for the original Immortal!


Link of the Day: History Bites (a great Canadian made tv show)

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