Thursday, November 24, 2005

One last push...

Almost there. Yesterday afternoon was sheer torture. I wrote the love scene and it was the most difficult one I've ever done. Have no idea why, well, except maybe because of the time pressure. Either way it's done. Thought the second love scene is way better - maybe I should include a note in the front of the book advising the reader just to read that one first *g*.

Several of my friends are helping out with final comments on my synopsis, so that's up for this morning. Once my headache clears *deep sigh*. I haven't slept much since Sean got up at 2:45 to go to work - just dozed a couple of times. Even with Cleo cuddled close, my mind just wouldn't let go. So I'm having coffee and breakfast followed by Advil.

Last night I went to my local writers' group meeting and received some great feedback from the assembled masses there. Those suggestions I incorporated when I got home last night.

Now I just have to hope my printer behaves itself this afternoon. It's snowing seriously here today, so I don't want to have to drive anywhere, even though Staples isn't too far.

Had to laugh when I checked my email last night. There was one for me from the RWA office, letting me know that they hadn't yet received my GH entry, reminding me it's due next Friday. No kidding! Really? I'd no idea *vbg*.

Ok - my lack of sleep is starting to show. Best go get more coffee in me and find food.


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