Sunday, November 20, 2005

My GH writing companions

As you can see, the girls are thrilled with me spending so much time at my desk! Course, it doesn't hurt that I had the radiant heater on all day either *g* - they're sleeping right below it! And yes, my desk IS a mess. It's the only way I can work when I'm on such a tight deadline.

The work is coming along. I have to finish doing basic changes to the final four chapters today, then start work on a) rewriting two scenes and b) writing another. Then it's one final check of my synopsis and the first three chapters before this puppy gets FedExed (I'm taking no chances with the cross-border mail).

Margaret - I PROMISE to give my thoughts on Rescue Me - we're getting the Season Finale here on Tuesday!

Ok - back to the ol' ms. The meat sauce for my lasagna is already simmering, so I've several hours to devote to it. And my writing companions have already joined me :-)

Happy Sunday!


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