Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update from the trenches

I'm slogging through. Slowly but surely. Have been working each evening this week, though tonight I have to take time to complete a critique for a chapter mate. I'm meeting with her tomorrow and have been allowing her work to simmer while I do my own.

We have no plans for the weekend, except having my mum over to dinner on Sunday (I'm doing lasagna, which means leftovers for next week), so I'll spend most of Saturday and Sunday on my ms as well.

I know I can get this done. And have to remind myself that it can't and won't be perfect. But I can either ruin myself nitpicking or just get it into good shape and send it off.

Thanks for all the encouragement :-)

Want to blog about Denis Leary's Rescue Me, but can't - must get to work. Will do that later.


Link of the Day: Nadia Cornier on the writing business - sound advice
Currently coming from my speakers: Leave the Light On - Jeff Healey Band - Feel This

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