Monday, November 14, 2005

Update from GH hell

Ok, I'm exaggerating. It's not quite hell. Yet. *vbg*

I had a crit meeting on Friday night and got some great feedback from my cps. And managed to tick off a number of things from my GH to do list. But I'm still feeling overwhelmed. Especially as my wrists are really, really, really sore. Arrrgggghhh. I'm going to have to start working in the evenings this week. Will be asking the dh if I can use his laptop in the evenings so at least I can have the tv on in the background while I work. I love my little office during the day - when I can see out the window. But once it's dark and the West wind blows, it's pretty cool and gloomy down there. And much harder for me to keep an eye on the latest mischief Cleo has created (she spent half of last night dragging socks out of the laundry basket and spreading them around the upper level of the house!)

Last night I started going over my ms once more, highlighting things that still need to be done and checking for inconsistencies in scenes I've revamped. Caught quite a few things in the half I got through. I'm at the office this morning, but this afternoon it's back to work on the ms. Of course, me being paranoid, I have the ms with me in my bag .*g* And have to remember to save my file to the computer here before I go home.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to get my office into some form of order. We bought more bins for my ms stuff - I have so much paper associated with this story, it's incredible! At least some of the research will be reused on the next ms. I'm really hoping to be able to start that in the New Year.

Anyway, there's work to do here, so I'd best get on with it.


Currently Reading: Browne and King's Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (and other assorted revision/polishing articles)
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