Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Wednesday morning...

and I'm waiting for the painters to arrive. They may have to cut power to my office to get stuff ready in the kitchen, so I might have to write longhand or on my AS. Which would be ok. I'll likely get more writing done without the ability to check email every five minutes

So I managed to rewrite that scene yesterday. As I mentioned over at Annette's blog, it was pretty awful at first. Every word was like pulling a tooth or , but I did finally get going. It still needs some more setting details, but at least it's done! I moved Cécile and Adrian from the conservatory to the gallery - I already know more about galleries from having studied Art History than I do about conservatories/orangeries. Adding Adrian's pov certainly seemed to help things, though there might be a bit too much introspection. Hmmm. Anyway, at least it's done and I can move on to the next scene that needs rewriting.

So that's my goal for today - get some more rewriting done. Then, once I've rewritten all the scenes, I can go back and add the extra details. Whew. Still lots to do, but I just have to keep on plugging :-)

Today is a sad day for me, though. It's been a year since we said goodbye to our kitty pal, Scotty. I still miss him a lot - his pic is in my screensaver and now it's winter again, I miss having him curled up next to me in bed. Ah well, he and George are romping together in kitty heaven - happy and healthy. And we have our girls to keep us company now :-)

On Friday I admit I'm taking time out to go to a big book sale. It's an annual event, but likely the last time I'll be able to go for quite a while, what with moving to the West Coast and all. And I can justify it quite easily - I almost always find great research books there!


Currently Reading: Life in the English Country House by Mark Girouard
Link of the Day: Deborah Hale's Jumpstarting a Stalled Scene online workshop
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