Monday, November 28, 2005

Off to Vancouver....

where the weather isn't much better than here, but that's fine :-)

Our cat sitter is coming to stay - not sure what the kitties will think, but they're pretty adaptable. The one thing she has to remember is NOT to pick Chloe up! She's ok with us doing it now, but generally isn't a cat to tote about (never mind she weighs about 13lbs).

As always, the last minute stuff is kinda hairy. I'm typing up detailed cat care instructions, have to finish clearing all stuff that might get broken (including the late cats who sit in majesty in their urns on the mantelpiece - no point putting the cat sitter through any grief if the new kitties break something), transfer new songs to my Lyra, back up my computer and pack.

Re: Rescue Me. Gabrielle says they dub it in French over in France. What a weird show to dub instead of subtitle! There's so much jargon and idiomatic language, the translators must tear their hair out! Am hoping we get the DL Christmas special that Margaret mentioned. We did see the Roast they did for him on our Comedy Network, so maybe we'll get the Christmas special too. Like Chris, I'm looking forward to next season :-)

I'll try to blog while we're out on the Coast - not sure what chances I'll have, though. We'll be busy with house stuff and our niece's birthday, plus I have friends out there I'm hoping to meet up with.

Well, I'm off to bloghop now - see y'all in a few days :-)


Currently Reading: Watermelon by Marian Keyes
Link of the Day: Margaret's Travel Page (she has loads of lovely piccies - great inspiration for fellow writers)

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