Thursday, October 13, 2005

Arrgghhh computers...

So it turns out my CDR wasn't the problem. It's something in the Registry - Code 41. Anyway, I have to wait for my dh to get home, install the new backup drive we bought yesterday, back up my entire drive THEN try this Registry fix I found online. It's an external backup, so if I wreck things, my data will still be safe. Good thing we bought that b/u drive when we did! I don't dare do any more work on my ms right now. Am terrified of something else going screwy. Arrggghhh computers...

As for the cats and the harnesses, our other cats, Scotty and George, wore them quite happily. We decided on the harness with the leash because Scotty had a habit of finding ways to hang himself - at least on the harness, all the pressure wasn't on his neck. We had to take his collar off him when he was about 13 when he started scooping it into his mouth while washing *sigh*. George was good as gold with everything - he'd just stand and purr while we attached his harness.

Chloe and Cleo, however, definitely need some training with this. I think part of Cleo's problem is the bell on the harness. We'll take it off and see if that helps - I've a sneaking suspicion she could hear it and was trying to get at it. Kittens sure are flexible!!

I'm already exhausted, having been woken at 5:10 this morning when the CO2/smoke alarm went off - turns out it does so not only when there's a real problem, but when it needs new batteries. How does one know the difference? It turns off after about 30 seconds if it's the battery low signal. I was NOT amused . Why is it these things happen in the middle of the night? Talk about a rude awakening

Well, Sean should be home from work soon, so I'd best get ready to beat the computer into submission (yeah, right). Hopefully we'll get this fixed in time for me to get at least SOME work done today. Arrggghhh.

Kacey - I had to set the comments on the kitties' blog to blogger only cause I was getting blog spam :-( Glad you enjoy the pics!


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