Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's a cloudy, grey morning, but...

I don't mind. Am going to blog, then get on with my work. Didn't touch it yesterday, though I did get some research done on the Net while I was at the office (after finishing my bookkeeping work). Had an appointment in the afternoon, then Sean and I hit the gym - we've been bad lately about going and are trying to get back into a regular routine.

Last night I went to my local writers group meeting. As chair, I saved my own reading for last. But we ran out of time - lots of people read last night. As always, though, just listening to others, sharing thoughts on their work and being in a room with fellow writers was hugely inspirational :-)

Today I plan to finish inputting my second cp's comments, then go back and incorporate the suggestions from Kate Rothwell and those of another of my critique partners. At some point, though, I have to knuckle under and rewrite the scenes that have changed. Am procrastinating on those. Hmmm. Can't keep doing that as I'll need to set them aside at least a few days once they're done, so they can be revised with fresh eyes. Arrgggh.

Calm. I'm going to stay calm. Panic won't help.

I can do this :-) Have done it before in less time, and can do it again. Nothing like positive thinking


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