Sunday, October 09, 2005

Still in My Heart is...

definitely Kathryn's best book yet!!! I LOVED it. Brahm is a true hero and Eleanor is a heroine worthy of him. When they married at the end, I believed it was a marriage based on both passion and friendship - the best kind.

In other news, my blogging and bloghopping are going to have to slow down a bit, well actually, a LOT, if I'm serious about the GH. There's not really a lot of time until the deadline and I don't want to get caught short and scrambling at the last minute. So if my posts slow down and my comments at your blogs all but disappear, that's why. With GH season approaching, I imagine a lot of us will be cutting back our blog time.

But my writing challenge for fellow bloggers still stands. I'll be posting enough to keep this going!!

As it is, I'm cutting a lot of extracurricular activity from my schedule in preparation for our move, so this is just one more.

We had planned a motorbike ride for today, but the weather is cooler and cloudier than we'd hoped (though the sun was shining brightly when we woke up). Maybe next weekend!

To all my Canadian friends - Happy Thanksgiving!!


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