Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Quick update

Well, as always, things haven't gone quite as planned. Still, I did manage to get some of my cp's suggestions input. This morning I got to spend time on the phone with Dell Support, figuring out what's wrong with my CDR drive :-( A tech is coming by tomorrow to fix it. I have to go out in about an hour for a little while, but hopefully I'll manage some more work after that. I do have my local writers' group meeting tonight, so I have to choose something to read (well, I don't have to, but it's nice to get the feedback).

On the cat front. One of them managed to trip to alarm in the house while we were out last night! They were still pretty freaked by the time we got home. Poor babies. Then, this morning, I put Cleo's harness on her to let her get used to it. She managed to scoop the collar part into her mouth and get it stuck there THEN she ran away from me while I was trying to help. I did get it unclipped before she'd choked. BUT, it was still pretty scary. Silly kitty.

See updated photos of Chloe and Cleo at their blog.

Now I'd better get ready to go out.


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