Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Report from today

Well, I seem to be back on track. Have made significant progress over the last two days. Seems just blogging about lack of motivation somehow motivated me!! Go figure

I'm wondering if not blogging has affected things too. Now I THOUGHT blogging took up too much of my time, but it seems that writing daily posts seems to work kinda like morning pages for me. Interesting. Though I blog hop a little, I've resisted opening SharpReader and getting sucked into all the History, Library and Research blogs I subscribe to, which has made things easier.

I've now got about 4.5 weeks left to work on my GH entry. Yikes. But as I commented on Kelly's blog, I need a hard deadline. Deadlines make me work.

There's lots going on here as well. We're having some painting done in the house next week, so Sean is moving stuff out of the rooms etc. The more prep work he does, the less the painters have to do and the faster they're done. This is really important now as we're having my birthday party at the house - scaffolding and dropsheets don't make for a great party atmosphere.

I'm off to the office tomorrow to take care of the books. This might even involve a bus ride, depending on whether the weather clears over night so Sean can take the motorcycle. At least I'll walk by Starbucks along the way and pick up a latté

So, that's it from here :-) I'll report back in a little more regularly now!


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