Saturday, October 01, 2005

A sunny Saturday morning...

We're heading out on the motorbike in a little while. It's going to be a beautiful day, so we decided to take advantage of it :-)

Our dinner the other night was yummy, as it always is at this restaurant. I was a tad slow moving yesterday morning as a result, though. Can't drink the way I used to! But the martini was so good, it was worth it *g*.

As a result, I got less done yesterday on the writing front than I'd hoped, but still did manage to make a dent in the number of Sean's suggestions that need to be input. I'm working on lots of stuff in my head as well. Next week is busy too (cat appointments, personal appointments), but I'm vowing I will get more done than this week. Which may mean sacrificing some blogging time *sigh*. Might have to tell myself I can't open SharpReader till I've done my work for the day. Do you reward yourself in this way?

We did see Serenity yesterday - wow, it was fun. Though also rather emotional towards the end. It stuck very much to the tone of the show. I was a bit concerned about that - that they would change it for the big screen, but no, all the humour was still there. And they've definitely left it open for a sequel. Let's hope it does well enough at the box office to make one possible :-)

And last night one of my fave shows premiered. Yep, Heartbeat is back for another season on TVO. They introduced the new copper (to replace Steve who died in the season finale). He shows potential, but still isn't Mike. Oh well.

Not much else to report, other than the kitten is crazy. I had to shut the bathroom door last night - she was playing in the bathtub (we have fish on our shower curtain to match the fish border the previous owners put up), so she spends hours jumping at them. I just couldn't take the constant thudding and mews (she "talks" to them) after an hour or so. Chloe just sits outside in the hall and stares at Cleo with this "What the f*** is that crazy kitten doing?" expression. And did I mention said crazy kitten is very skittish about strange noises? She freaked the other day when she heard the CD ROM drive in my computer engage (I was listening to an RWA session) and scampered away. I went to pick her up to comfort her, but she was still so upset, she tore into my right hand with her back claws while getting away *sigh*. So now my hand is wrapped up. The scar there will match the one Scotty gave me years ago on my right arm (I picked him up just as my sister started the vacuum cleaner - 'nuff said). I'm already on antibiotics for my sinus infection, so am not to worried about cat scratch fever. Still, it's a pain as typing is overly comfortable. Nor is anything else, for that matter. And Cleo tries to eat the gauze whenever she's close to my hand *deep sigh*. But she's so cute, I can't help but love her.

So, that's about it from here. Hope everyone has a great weekend :-)


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