Monday, October 03, 2005

Writing Challenge for Bloggers etc.

Ok - over on Annette's blog I mentioned that we should challenge each other to write pages, to keep each other honest. Annette has taken me up on it - anyone else want to join in?

As I'm editting rather than writing, I'm aiming to finish inputting all the rest of Sean's suggestions AND get started on collating the comments my critique partners have made and get a start on those as well.

Ok - what else. We had a wonderful speaker do a workshop at our chapter meeting yesterday. Barbara Kyle (also writes as Stephen Kyle) spoke to us about her technique of Storylining. It's similar to FDin30D, but the outline is shorter, yet the process itself is longer. Very interesting. And something else right up my alley. As I've already mentioned with FDin30D, it's a very flexible system and I can see myself combining these two techniques. My fingers were flying over the keyboard of my Alphie as I took notes - the afternoon went really quickly, always a good sign when you're in a workshop.

Speaking of FDin30D, it was included in the Writers' Bookshelf section in the August issue of Writing Magazine - we're always about two issues behind here across the pond (it's a British magazine). The review was quite favourable :-) Not a surprise. But the reason I bought this issue in the first place (it's expensive, so I only buy a few a year) was because I saw Nicola Cornick's face smiling at me on the cover! She was one of the celebrity critiquers in the short fiction section.

And, last but not least - at LAST - the CBC and its union, the Canadian Media Guild, have reached a tentative agreement!!!!!! Looks like this darned lockout is almost over. Sean still has to picket, but the mood on the line is obviously much lighter today :-) And as it's sunny and warm here, he'll have a good time out there!

So, that's about it for this morning. I have to get on with my email, then start my work. Can't forget that challenge!!!


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