Sunday, October 30, 2005

A sunny Sunday post...

It's another beautiful day here - a tad bright for me, though, as we were out at a party last night. It was a Halloween party, so we got all dressed up in our medieval garb and trundled off for an evening of food, fun and drink :-) The party was in the neighbourhood - nobody seemed to surprised to see us in our costumes - guess at this time of year it's really not unusual to see adults walking around looking a tad strange.

Here I am as Lady Tess (like my wig? *g*)

and here's my Irish Warrior:

Our trip to Hershey was a huge success - lots of yummy chocolate for me, oh, and some for the kiddies who come a' knockin' tomorrow night *vbg*.

Today there are chores to be done - we're having parts of the house painted next week (the painter swears he'll be done in time for my party), so I likely won't get much work done on my ms. On Friday I found my thoughts about Adrian (my hero) still hadn't gelled properly, so instead I organized all my various notes into one spot in WriteWayPro. The ScratchPad is great for that. So now my little brain is percolating those as well.

I did manage to get out for a walk yesterday afternoon - to work off at least some of the yummy treats last night. Here are some pics I took along the way.

The schoolhouse near our place from across the field:

Canada Geese taking a swim:

Happy Sunday, everyone :-)


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