Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some progress...

I just finished entering those suggestions from my critique partner. So now I have to start on the next set. But I think before I do that, I'm going to go through and do some plot analysis like Annette did. Hmm - may be time to unearth those FDin30D sheets again.

Also, I received a great critique the other day, the one I won in the auction for Larissa. Kate Rothwell did it and made some insightful comments that will add depth to my story and correct a couple of little things I hadn't even noticed.

Thanks to everyone who commented on WWII and its long lasting effects. Kelly made the point that a strong story will always sell, no matter the setting and I think she's right. At some point even the Marketing people will see that setting isn't everything, that characters and their journey are good for sales as well.

It's now dreary and rainy here in Ontario, but I'm actually fine with that. Makes it easier to stay in and write. I do have to go to the office tomorrow and have an appointment in the afternoon, but hopefully I'll get at least something done. Maybe this evening. With Sean going to bed early these days, I do have time in the evening. It's just a matter of tearing myself away from the flickering box on the main floor and coming back down here. Though at least with the FDin30D forms etc, I can work upstairs.

The cats are still doing fine:

We've discovered they LOVE catnip! Not that Cleo needs anything else to make her hyper *g*.

I've also noticed some people are posting recipes to their blogs, so today's link of the day is to the site of my favourite cookbook writers, the Podleski sisters. Enjoy :-)


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