Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So how much of a book geek am I?

This much! I'm not kidding. I saw it and bought it. And will be ordering refills of the cards/pockets. Very cool. Especially as I'm about to lend some books out.

As for my writing, well, I didn't anything done today. Had to go to the office this morning and take care of bookkeeping etc. Then this afternoon, the kitties had to go for their follow-up appointment with the vet (vaccination boosters). Before we plopped them in their cages, I had to wrestle with my Alphie to get my workshop notes downloaded. Have no idea why XP has decided it doesn't like either Alphie or GetUtility, though I've been using both on XP for almost two years.

We had to run more errands after the kitty appointment. I could try working this evening, but I'm really tired cause Cleo kept waking me up last night. She loves to snuggle against my neck and purr, with her face in my hair, which is usually ok. But last night she decided to knead my shoulder while she was purring. And she has very sharp claws (we had them clipped this afternoon).

But tomorrow, I vow to get at least one more chapter of edits done, if not both remaining ones.


Currently Reading: Still in my Heart by Kathryn Smith (AVON)
Latest Addition to my TBR pile: Lady Dearing's Masquerade by Elena Greene
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