Monday, July 17, 2006

Doggie pics from our hike...

As I mentioned yesterday, Claire brought Wally the dog along with us on our hike. Here are some pics of him enjoying his day out.

On the ferry with Claire:

Climbing a neat set of steps:

Resting after the climb:

Cooling off in the lake:

Looking out over Deep Bay:

Responding to Comments:
Kelly - if you want to come out here some time, you're welcome to visit - lots of great hikes etc here on the Coast :-) We may even have a guest room at some point *g*.

Margaret - thanks for the good wishes re my shoulder. It's already feeling much better.

On tap for today:
Errands in Sechelt, then back here to get back into my ms. So, in view of that, I'd best get my butt out of this chair and out to the car. Otherwise, I'll get sucked back into blogland and not move again till noon *g*.


Currently Reading: Books for research and review
Link of the Day: Cycling in Eastern Ontario - an article by my friend Laura

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