Monday, July 10, 2006

If I'm quiet for the next few weeks...

it's because I'm really busy. Have suddenly realized just HOW much I have to do:

a) work on ms
b) judge a contest
c) prepare for/interview/write article based on interview with an author (this includes reading from her backlist and her about-to-be released novel)
d) read two books for review, one a long non-fiction one


We had a busy weekend. Spent Saturday down in Gibsons, where Sean was covering the annual International Howe Sound Outrigger Race:

Wandering around the dock was fun - I saw this cool houseboat:

And trundled off to the library in Gibsons for a while, before returning later to brilliant sunshine and beautiful scenery:

Yesterday we watched the World Cup final and had a little party, then I spent some time doing family history research before diving into one of the books I'm reading to prepare for the interview mentioned above. We finished the day with a lovely campfire. Here's a shot of Sean enjoying the late evening sun:

Ok - on with my day!! It involves laundry, among other exciting chores. But first, one last photo. I got up a few minutes ago to refill my coffee cup, turned around and saw this:

Fortunately my camera was at hand, so I was able to capture it :-)

Really, this time I'm going!


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