Friday, July 21, 2006

Names seem to be this week's topic...

I noticed while blog hopping this week that character names kept popping up. Kelly asked What's in a Name?, while Jane Jackson riffed on The Importance of Names over at UK Historical Romance. Over at Word Wenches, Jo Beverley blogged about hero's names and the way they can affect "the author, the reader and the characters themselves." And finally, Claire Delacroix confessed that when starting a new proposal she hates "the name game".

So, do you enjoy coming up with character names? Are there certain names you love? Hate? Never, ever want to see in a romance?

I'm doing lunch with a friend today and Sean and I are hoping to see the fireworks tonight at Sea Cavalcade.


Currently Reading: Can you Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella (yes, I found it at the library and broke down - just HAD to read it)
Also Currently Reading: Books for research/review
Link of the Day: Claire Delacroix on Pitching at National (figured it was a timely link)

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