Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Pirate Movie...

Well, we saw it last night :-) I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but boy, did it need some good editing. Like getting rid of the whole "escape from the cannibals" sequence. That really bloated the film up and considering there was a similar chase scene towards the end with an actual point to it....

And too many baddies and superfluous characters. Still, it was fun and I liked the tension between Will/Jack/Elizabeth. Not sure I'd bother with the DVD, though. It definitely was NOT as good as the first one, IMHO.

On the writing/working front, I've come up with some new twists for my plot. Been doing a lot of stuff by hand recently, which will mean transcribing, but I have to go with what works and right now working out my plot with good ol' pen and paper seems to be what's right.

Also, I finished the first of the three books I'm reading to prepare for the interview. Fortunately it was a great read (I had only minor quibbles), so I'm sure the second will go as quickly. Still waiting to receive the third from the author's publicist. And Nienke, the interview will be done by email, so I don't have to worry about checking batteries - but thanks for the tip!

Tomorrow I'm off to Vancouver to meet up with my mum and her friend. They'll be in town for a couple of days, so I'm spending the afternoon and evening with them, then staying overnight with a friend. She and I and some of her friends are going hiking on Bowen Island on Saturday. In all the years I've been visiting the Coast, I've never been to Bowen, even though we pass it all the time on the ferry. Should be fun. Now the weather just has to cooperate :-)


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