Thursday, July 20, 2006

Responding to comments (and more)....

First, thanks to everyone for the feedback! I guess maybe it's my own IE that makes it look a little weird.

Melinda Jane - my current ms is set during the French Revolution and is about a plot to free the young king from the Temple. My hero is the liaison between the English and French sides (his mother is English) - only problem is, he was captured then escaped, only to discover the notebook he'd hidden in the house has disappeared - it has all the details of the plot (in code), including the name of his English contact, with whom he'd not yet connected. My heroine is a feminist writer (yes, they existed then, though the word itself didn't) who doesn't want to marry, but she loves the intrigue and soon falls for the hero. But still doesn't want to marry him.

It's a companion book to my last ms, about the current hero's sister who saw him captured and is searching for him. SHE is the one who has the notebook.

Kelly - Thanks! Glad you like the new look :-)

Rene - Thanks! The crisp, clean look is what appealed to me too.

Melissa - Thanks! It's nice to have something new :-)

In Writing News
Yesterday I managed to do some work on the Outline Capsules - got as far as Chapter 5. They're not hugely detailed yet, but it's enough to get my creative juices going. I may have to write and outline at the same time - I'm starting to get really antsy, needing to write, rather than just plan! Though it is fun to do in The PageFour Notebook - I'll review the programme next week.

But right now, our niece is visiting, so I'm going to go see what she's up to this fine morning. It's going to be hot today - though not as hot as where Bren lives! And even hotter on the weekend.


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