Monday, July 24, 2006

A hot weekend...

Well, we here in BC joined the rest of you sizzling in the summer heat. Granted, the Humidex was nothing to speak of, but even so, it was darned hot. Not that I'm really complaining as I love summer weather. But not many people here have air conditioning, so it can be a tad uncomfortable when the sun blazes on your house all afternoon and evening. Which is what happens to us in the cottage. Fortunately, by midnight each night the cool lake breeze wafted through the window making it possible to sleep.

On Friday evening we headed down to see the fireworks. Knowing how many people would be there, we parked at the mall and walked down into lower Gibsons. Just before we started down the hill, I stopped and took this photo of the sun setting on the mountains in the distance:

As with most fireworks displays, one spends the hour or so beforehand wandering around, people watching. As we were coming up from the harbourside walkway, I stopped just outside Gramma's Pub and took this shot of the boats out on the water:

Surprisingly, my camera actually did a half-decent job of photographing some of the fireworks:

On Saturday it was back to Vancover to see my mum on the return side of her Alaska Cruise. Before meeting up with her and her friend, Sean dropped my back at the library to register my card there. Now I can borrow stuff from the main library :-) And access the extensive electronic resources available there. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

Dinner itself was fun - we heard all about the cruise and its side trips - including the helicopter ride up to a glacier!! It was a nice enough evening to take a walk - with the sun setting, the heat had abated somewhat, so we strolled up and down Robson to stretch and help our tummies digest the yummy food. Then it was back to the ferry terminal and home.

Yesterday we were out on the lake for a while, then had dinner with the neighbours.

It's cooler here today, but not by much. I managed to get my watering done earlyish and some housework accomplished and hope to get back into my ms once I've been for groceries and the mail. It was just too hot to think on Friday, but I can't keep using that as an excuse!

The girls, btw, are surviving the heat pretty well, though they do spend a lot of the afternoon sleeping on the bathroom floor. It's at the back of the cottage, so is cooler than the front rooms. And I refill their water bowl with fresh water every few hours.

Anyway, must get on with the day. For those of you heading to Atlanta, have a great time!!! Looking forward to y'all blogging about your adventures when you return :-)


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