Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday blog...

It's been a busy weekend so far. Yesterday morning, Sean and I drove up to Madeira Park to have a look at some mobile homes (an option for temp housing while waiting for our own house to be built). We decided the new big ones are probably a little TOO big for the area we'll want to park ours on. So it was back to Sechelt to shop for our nephew's upcoming birthday (we settled on some pirate-themed Playmobil toys) and more food for the cats. Well, Chloe in particular - we stopped at the vet to get something for her sensitive tummy.

Then it was back here where I played on the computer before heading off to get groceries for dinner last night. While out, I heard about a bad accident on the highway, so wasn't surprised when I got home to find a note from Sean saying he'd gone into work. He was there till after 6:00pm, doing updates on the situation - the RCMP had to close the highway and traffic was backed up for hours. But he got home in time for dinner. Then we watched Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. My in-laws hadn't seen it and I figured after the afternoon Sean had, he'd enjoy the light entertainment. And W&G certainly fit the bill :-)

Also, while I was out, a friend who'd asked to read What the Heart Remembers (my GH entry) dropped by with the ms. She'd read it twice and given me commentary as well as picking out typos. So I spent some time before starting dinner going over the ms. Her comments are really helpful and she found some continuity errors - spots where I'd changed the plot etc., but forgot to take out the old narrative or dialogue. I didn't quite finish going through the whole thing yesterday, so I think I'll work on that this afternoon. And enter the changes next week.

Overall her reaction was very positive. This has given me a push to maybe query some agents. In reading over bits and pieces, I'd forgotten quite how much I love this story and really want to sell it. I've been so wrapped up in the new ms, that marketing this one has fallen by the wayside, but I really think I should focus at least some of my attention on getting an agent.

It's turned out sunny, so maybe I'll go sit outside to read over the rest of my manuscript.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


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