Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Update on my hero's timeline...

I've been working on it. And, as it's a companion story, have for now, combined it with that of his sister, my heroine from WTHR. I've done this using the trial version of Timeline Maker Pro. At this point, I can't afford to buy it, but I figured I'd try it out to see if it's worth putting pennies aside for, and it definitely is. And it does allow me to export, so now I've joined the two timelines and added extra stuff, I can maniuplate the info using Excel. Timeline Maker Basic is still great for simple timelines, so I'll keep using it too.

On another topic entirely, I'd like to thank all those who went to National and blogged about it :-) Special kudos to Jude for her Blogging National blog. It's fantastic!! I feel like I didn't miss nearly as much as in previous years when I couldn't make it. Seeing all the photos and reading daily updates was so cool.

Ok, on with the day. I have to head out and do some weeding before I can get on with my ms. Not much fun, but it has to be done or the weeds will take over!!


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