Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An evening post...

Sorry I went AWOL like that - things were kinda busy this week, between more workouts, contest judging, house-cleaning and other assorted chores.

The judging is almost completely done now - I just have to fill in one more scoresheet and doublecheck my addition on the others and I should be all finished :-) Right in time for the long weekend.

Only downside is I've really done no work on my own mss this week *deep sigh*, but that can't be helped. But at the library yesterday I did find some interesting research info that will be helpful for WTHB, so it's not a completely lost cause and I know the stories are there in the background, with my subconscious working away on it.

We're having another family weekend for Labour Day - should be fun :-) How 'bout everyone else? Any big plans for the last long weekend of the summer?


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