Thursday, August 03, 2006

Typos and more....

Thanks, everyone, for letting me know I'm not alone on this. I figured I wasn't, but was horrified at some of the bigger oopsies I found - like the half-written sentences, or two versions of the same few paragraphs. Yesterday I got another 50 pages into the corrections/changes. Then became stuck on how to set a certain scene for the villain without going into huge detail. Figured it out last night as I was cleaning up my desk (the cats would scatter the ms if I left it out overnight!)

Rebirth of Historicals?
It's funny, despite the recent commentary by Anne Marble at AAR (normally I don't link to this site as their reviews drive me nuts - see the recent savaging of author Alice Valdal as an example - but for once I'll make an exception), it seems historical romance is on the upswing again. More and more debut historicals are selling, while people who went to the Spotlights in Atlanta report that editors are hungry for stories set in the past. If you write historicals, does this give you hope that our genre is finally on the path back to popularity? Or do you fear it's just an anomaly, a temporary blip?

Research Bonanza
Yesterday I discovered another of the VPL's Electronic Resources. Wait for it....The Times Online. Going all the way back to 1785. Now, I knew this lovely archive existed, I've just never had access before. So imagine my bliss! I spent about an hour there, printed off a couple of things and noted lots of stuff to go back to read in more detail. The British coverage of the French Revolution was pretty amazing!!

I have a ton of errands to run today, so I'd better get moving.


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