Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reworking that synopsis...

has proven an interesting exercise, as I haven't really read it since last November, just before sending off my GH entry. Parts of it are really good, but wow, did I ever have a lot of useless little phrases in it as well. Very annoying. Can't believe I thought it was good at that point. It's now been tightened and seems a lot clearer. I still haven't decided about the new ending, so I've left the old one in place for now.

Yesterday I had a great session at the gym. The trainer showed me hand positions on the weight machines that won't bother my wrists, or recommended other equipment (like the bands or the ball), so I'm going to actually try to keep to the programme, instead of just doing cardio. At my age, I really have to be conscious of muscle tone. I discovered there's one eliptical trainer that looks out onto the highway, which is kinda cool - I can exercise and watch the cars go by :-)

Later at Starbucks, I made some notes on my contemp idea. It's my heroine who is speaking to me, so I'm letting her tell me about herself. Her hero I'll worry about some other time.

Well, I'd best finish off and go do some bookkeeping for the company. Can't let that slide!! The bank accounts won't reconcile themselves, though I sure wish they could *g*.


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