Monday, August 21, 2006

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Janie asked:
Where do you put your interviews and book reviews. I found one at Romance Central.

The majority end up in The Historical Novels Review and Solander, both of which are publications of The Historical Novel Society, while a few can be found in back issues of various publications from The Richard III Society.

The interview tomorrow will result in an article for the November issue of the HNR.

Gabrielle said:
I'm so with you about reducing the number of chemicals in your system wherever possible. Have you seen Of course, you can't try things online but it'll give you an idea whatc ompanies are out there so you can track them down. I thoroughly recommend Kiss My Face (esp. their lavender lotion--it *really* smells like lavender--and their deodorants.)

Thanks for the reccies, Gabrielle - I'll check out that site :-) And look for the KMF lavender lotion. I love lavender.

Melissa said:
I'm one of those gals who rarely wears make-up. If I'm going out or feel like I need a little boost, I'll put some on. Otherwise, I'm all about being natural (and I HATE washing it off at night!).

Don't get me wrong, I don't tend to wear a lot - if I'm going out during the day, I might throw on some mascara, lipgloss and a little powder, and in the evening add some eye shadow. But I do it often enough I want to make it as natural as possible.

Rene said:
I don't wear much makeup. I do put plenty of chemicals in my body usually in the form of alcohol.

LOL - I'm guilty of the latter as well *g*.

It's really busy here today, so the rest of my post will be short. The neighbours are home - we sat around the fire and chatted for hours last night. It was a beautiful evening, without even that many bugs!!

I have errands to run a little later, but this afternoon I have to sit down and put down onto the screen the questions for the author of the book I read. They've been going through my mind since I finished the book on Saturday night. It would be nice to see her in person, so I could talk to her and record it, but email is also great, cause this way I don't risk misquoting her. I discovered that can be an issue when I recorded an interview with Sandra Gulland a few years ago - I ended up emailing with her just to make sure what I heard on the tape was what she'd said.

Must dash - hope you're all having lovely weather :-)


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