Sunday, August 27, 2006

Family reunion...

We spent yesterday in Vancouver at a family reunion. One of Sean’s aunts couldn’t make it to the wedding in June, so when we heard they’d be in town yesterday, there was no question of us not going to see them. Plus, Sean’s other uncle and aunt had recently bought a new house and offered to host and the rest of the family was able to make it too. So off we went on the late morning ferry.

By mid-afternoon we were out on the patio, enjoying beer and snacks and watching Sean’s cousins (two little girls) play in the huge garden. A while later Sean’s brother, his bride and our niece arrived, so there were now three little blonde girls running around and having fun. They picked tomatoes and served them to everyone before eating their own dinner a while later. We also looked through some old family picture albums. You can imagine how the historian in me loved that

The weather was just perfect – sunny and about 25º C. Absolutely perfect. There was even birthday cake in honour of those celebrating in August/September. And nothing tops off a beautiful summer bbq than birthday cake All in all a wonderful day.

By 9:30 we were back at Horseshoe Bay waiting for the ferry to take us home. We were all pretty tuckered about by the time we rolled up to the house but pretty happy with the day spent in town.

Needless to say, our girls were pretty happy to see us – meowing and rolling over for tummy rubs as soon as we walked in the door.

Today, though, I’m feeling very lazy and trying to convince myself to go to the gym. Not sure it’s going to work, especially as Sean wants to go there tomorrow morning. OTOH, I did eat two pieces of that yummy cake…


Currently Reading: I finished Undomestic Goddess on the ferry last night - great book!

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